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The Cortex

Allow me to rant about the new piece of technology, also known as The Cortex.


First, I will link you to a video on YouTube that will explain what this piece of technology does.

I’m going to assume you’re done now. This seems like a marvelous way to experience technology, does it not? Except it probably isn’t.

My main problem with this is that, although I do love video games with all of my heart, I can’t stand when people blindly follow this kind of thing without thinking of the repercussions.

"What do you mean by repercussions?"

The idea that one can blend reality and virtual reality together is a terrible, terrible concept. There are people who have a predisposition to already have difficulties discerning the difference between fantasy or fiction from reality. Why is this a bad thing? Because when people have difficulty doing this, they begin to adapt the behaviors of whichever world they happen to believe that they are involved in.

Now, I’m not vehemently against the improvement of technology, but I am very, very unnerved by the fact that this virtual reality mask takes your actual surroundings and turns it into a video game. The player will become immensely immersed in the game. The majority of people can tell the difference, will be able to take the headset off, and reintegrate back into reality without a hitch. Keep in mind that there are people who exist that psychologically would not be able to handle that.

When people start becoming too involved in their video games, and negative side effects begin to happen (altering of behaviors, potential increase in aggression in individuals, etc. etc.), the parents of children who play video games, or even those who have children who don’t play video games, will begin to harass those who do play video games. They’ll try to blame all of these horrific mass murders on video games just like they have tried to do since their inception.

The smallest groups speak the loudest, and the ones who cannot handle the transition between video games and real life will stick out, while the majority who can handle it will be entirely ignored. This could further lead to censorship (although it is incredibly unlikely, you will have parents of children bitching about it, despite the fact that they are the ones who bought the games for their children).

It’s great that technology has come so far, but I cannot agree with this. Knowing just how dissociative some people can be, how people can easily sink into fantasy and not come out because it’s a way for them to escape the stressors of their real lives — it is a massive cause for concern.

There comes a point where no matter how much you are passionate about video games, or really anything, when something seems like a shit idea, you have to put your foot down. You may be the only one, since everybody feels as though they have to keep up with the Joneses, but there will always be people who agree with you.

I’ll just stick to my console and PC gaming, where at least you can have reality all around you, and that won’t cause any lasting problems.


I hope you guys know that no one irl cares if you’re tumblr famous.

Don’t reject and/or cancel plans that you’ve made with people, and then complain that nobody wants to hang out with you. Just no.
You did it to yourself.

Another unpopular opinion


Romanticizing pushing people away because of your mental illness. AKA posts that say “I’m sorry I’m so difficult, I can’t help it. Please, I still love you. I didn’t mean to push you away”

NO YOU SELFISH ASS. Your significant other/friends are not there to be your fucking punching bag.

Oh yes. If you really cared, you’d be willing to better yourself. Not for them, but for yourself. Then you’d be able to spend more time with your close people.

Hey, hey guys.
Did you know that sexuality is technically fluid? There is no being 100% this or 100% that.

It’s on a scale.
Ever heard of Alfred Kinsey?
Yeah, he was a psychologist in the 1960s who studied sex and sexuality.

He believed that sexuality was on a sliding scale, and that nobody was simply one sexuality. Period.
He believed that everybody was a little of everything.

You may not be sexually attracted to certain people, but romantic and platonic attraction fall on the scale, too.

Here, because I’m going to assume you’re too lazy to look it up:

The Kinsey Institute

Yeah, he didn’t always follow a “code of ethics”, but that’s because there weren’t any back then. He strongly believed that many people fell between 1 and 5. Rarely are people every 0 or 6.
Keep this in mind.

I fucking. Hate. Noises that come from people’s mouths. Lip smacking. Spit noises. Whistling. Humming. Anything that isn’t using speech, I fucking hate.

You know when people whisper, and you can hear that disgusting spit noise when their lips kind of close for a second? I fucking hate that.

I hate the sound of swallowing or chewing. I won’t be rude and tell somebody to cut it out, because let’s be honest, that’s shit that people can’t change and I’d feel like a total asshole anyway, but GOD do I fucking hate those noises.

I was looking in some comments of ASMR videos to see what the “triggers” for me were, and in the midst of this I found a name for this overwhelming hatred of mine.

One of the more common forms of ASMR is whisper therapy. As I said before, I hate that noise of spit when people whisper. This causes it to be difficult for me to find anything remotely relaxing (I found that I enjoy the sounds of scratching on a microphone, so there’s that).

Some dude in the comment section basically stated, “I can’t find a large amount of ASMR videos that don’t have whispering. My problem is that I have misophonia, so a lot of it is really difficult.”

Initially I thought, “Oh, they probably meant misophobia.”

Nope. They meant misophonia. Basically, it is an intense hatred for a specific type of sounds. It does not necessarily always relate to mouth-related noises. It can apply to anything. Once I figured that out, though, I knew immediately what that was and that it explained why I fucking hate mouth noises SO MUCH. They’re disgusting and GOD do I fucking hate them.

To think this whole rant was set off because I heard some chick humming while she was in the shower.


i don’t find tom hiddleston attractive

I hate when people say:

"Am I the only one who…"

"I thought I was the only one who…"

"Does anybody else think/do ____? No? Just me? Okay."

Yeah, just you. One person out of nearly seven billion people on the planet. You’re the only person who does that thing you’re talking about.

There is no such thing as being a “special snowflake”. Stop.